Griffin Gun Club

The Griffin Gun Club is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation, dedicated to the shooting sports, promotion of hunting and firearms safety, promotion of responsible gun ownership, preservation of the right of gun owners, and the operation of range facilities for firearms training and recreational shooting.

We hold weekly and monthly events including: training classes, safety classes, shooting events, member meetings and board of director’s meetings.

Check back frequently for upcoming events and meetings.


We have specific rules about this. Visitors/prospective members are welcome at Griffin Gun Club, when accompanied by a member. They are allowed two visits on this basis. After that, they must join the club in order to enjoy this facility, like the rest of us do. Visitors are limited to five per member at a time. All Visitors must sign a liability waiver.

Read our Club Membership page concerning Non-Members at the Club.

USPSA Event for September 2020 has been cancelled.