Gun Safety

Safety Rules

  1. Be aware of your own actions and others.
  2. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.
  3. Keep finger off trigger until ready to shoot.
  4. Don’t load your firearm until on the firing line and ready to shoot.
  5. Don’t handle a firearm when anyone is down range.
  6. Don’t move beyond the firing line until a “cease fire” has been called and the range is confirmed by everyone to be clear.
  7. Always wear hearing and eye protection. Always ensure others on the firing line are ready for the line to go “hot” and have ample time to get their hearing and eye protection in place.
  8. Do not break the 180′ from directly downrange (90′ left to 90′ right) when firing.
  9. Special rules at the individual ranges are posted.

Range Regulations

  1. Absolutely no shooting glass of any kind.
  2. No illegal firearms are allowed.
  3. Do not shoot up into the air (except shotguns). Make sure your bullets will hit the backstop (dirt berm at the 100 yd line) (and pit beams).
  4. Do not shoot objects (such as cans) off the steel target frames or the concrete pads and DO NOT intentionally shoot the frames or frame stands.
  5. Do not shoot objects on the ground at the 100 yard range.
  6. No hunting on Griffin Gun Club property.
  7. No firing from behind the front edge of the firing line, muzzles out over or beyond the front edge of the concrete on 100 yard range.
  8. No alcoholic beverage consumption on the GGC property.
  9. Firearms shall only be discharged at the 100 yard range and from within the pistol pits.
  10. Do Not Shoot Props, i.e. barrels, vehicles, barricades, vision barriers, chairs or anything built for our use.

Absolutely do…

  1. Obtain verbal clearance from all other shooters before going down range. Call the range “COLD”.
  2. Before firing, call the range “HOT” and allow others time to get on their hearing protection.
  3. Allow everyone ample time to set, check or remove their targets.
  4. Adult members maintain direct control of children on the firing line at all times.
  5. When finished shooting; remove your targets from the frames; clean up your area; put any dud rounds in the steel pipe behind the firing line (NOT IN THE TRASH CANS).
  6. Lock the gate behind you when entering or leaving the range (except when leaving a scheduled competition.)

Be Aware…

  1. The range is open to members from sunrise till sunset. See the match schedule to see which ranges are open during the match.
  2. GGC members may bring non-members to the range only twice each. Non- members must be accompanied by a member.
  3. Members (that’s all of us) are responsible for keeping the range clean and behaving in a safe and responsible manner.
  4. Report all accidents, violations, or incidents of unsafe gun handling to the GGC president or other club officers.