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NRA offers America’s preeminent shooting, training, education and public service programs that foster the safe, responsible ownership and use of firearms. Join the NRA and get credit for The Griffin Gun Club by using this link – Join NRA.

National Skeet Shooting Association. If you’re new to Skeet, welcome to our family of shooters! Skeet is a sport for men, women, and youth of all walks of life who believe in safe gun handling, take pride in shooting well, and enjoy shooting with friends and family. You can have a lifetime of fun and fellowship at your local Skeet club while strengthening your hunting and gun safety skills.

The Single Action Shooting Society is an international organization created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting™.

The Georgia Sports Shooting Association (GSSA) is the official state affiliate of the National Rifle Association of America. GSSA believes that government must not infringe on the fundamental right of individual citizens to choose to keep and bear arms for a variety of reasons; including hunting, collecting, competitive shooting, recreation, historical re-enactment and personal protection. GSSA acts in defense, support and furtherance of this belief.

Georgia Carry is Georgia’s No-compromise Voice For Gun Owners.

Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF)
The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation, the leader in youth development shooting sports programs. Using a combination of education and athletics, we work to enhance the growth and personal development of student athletes throughout the nation.

Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP)
The Scholastic Action Shooting Program offers youth from grade school through college the opportunity to safely participate in our exciting team-based action shooting sports!

Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP)
Scholastic Clay Target Program provides kids from elementary grades through high school and college with the opportunity to participate in the fun and challenging sports of Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays, as well as the Olympic disciplines of Bunker Trap, Trap Doubles and International Skeet. SSSF is the official feeder program to USA Shooting and a path to the U.S. Olympic Shooting Team.

United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA)
The United States Practical Shooting Association is the national governing body of practical shooting in the United States under the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC). Our over 31,000 active members and over 440 affiliated clubs makes USPSA the largest practical shooting organization in the United States and the second largest region within IPSC after the Russian Federation of Practical Shooting. USPSA publishes a member magazine called Front Sight six times a year.

Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA)
Steel Challenge Shooting Association promotes safe, fair and fun participation in Steel Shooting competition, for members of all ages and skill levels, through effective leadership, education, communication and administration.